St Petersburg Polish American Society (PAS) - Nov 28, 2017                           

                                1343 Beach Dr S.E. ---- St Petersburg, FL 33701----727-894-9908
                 For Club Information Monday thru Saturday, Please Call Gene Poplawski at 972-741-3749

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                              HOPE YOU ALL HAD A GREAT THANKSGIVING!


                     "Another Successful Sunday At The Polish Club"

   We received an email and several phone calls letting us know how successful they thought our 2nd dance of the new year was on Nov 19th. One of them stated that "The Band was really pumped and they had almost everybody up and on the dance floor. Many more than the usual few stayed all the way to the end of the dance. To us it was a very successful day!!!!"

    It is always great to receive such reports  especially when we are not able to be at The Club.





     Doors will open at 1 PM. Please bring a dish of food  to The Club by 2 PM. We will have a POTLUCK dinner starting 2:15 PM. Please bring enough of your favorite entree, salad, side dish or caserole to serve 8 people. NO DESSERTS, PLEASE! The Kitchen will provide desserts. At our last Potluck Dinner we ran out of food and only had desserts for some people who turned out to be diabetic. Thank you.


     The Sounds Of The South under the leadership of  Ed Bilinski will provide the music from 3 to 6 PM. Admission is $ 6.00 for members and $ 8.00 for non members.


                                              "2017 SCHOLARSHIP AWARD"


    Your Club officers and Board of Directors are happy to announce that The 2017 SCHOLARSHIP AWARD has been awarded to Alec Kruk. Alec is the grandson of longtime members Milton & Stephanie Kruk. CONGRATULATIONS Alec, Milt and Stephanie!





    The New Soundz, under the direction of Stan Simms, will provide the music on Sun, Dec 17. This will be our Christmas celebration Sunday at The Club. As in previous years, we will sing Christmas Carols in Polish and English.




    We continue to get updates from our Members as well as our Sunshine Lady, Bernie Yencha about concerns for some of our members & friends of The Club.


    Ken Cichowski & his son John continue to need our prayers & concern as John continues to have problems from his accident at The Florida State Fair Grounds.

    John is currently at the:


        Palm Shores Behavorial Health Center

        1324 37th Ave East

        Bradenton, FL 34208


and is attending school there. If you could send him a Cheering up card to the above address that is funny, it would bring some joy to his life.

    Ken also continues to address concerns relative to his mother.


          "Thirsty Thursday We Will Not Be Held The Next Two Thursdays"


    Last year we discontinued Thirsty Thursdays during the Holiday Season in December. We will discontinue them for the next two Thursdays. If we can get cooks and there is enough interest to hold them through the Holidays we will open the Club for Thirsty Thursday on Dec 14th. We will make that announcement in our next newsletter.


    For more information contact Monika Smolarczyk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 727-433-0587.



                              "For Your Foreign Language Center"

                              Contact: Birgit Nessmann

                                                              Founder & Education Director

                                         Pegasus Languages - Your Foreign Language Center!


                                                                       (727) 755-3459



                              "Club Nonperishable Donations"

   There will be a Box at The Club for nonperishable food that will be donated to St Vincent De Paul as part of our Club's Charitable Giving Program. You are invited to bring nonperishables and place them in The Box.


                     "CLUB TEA DANCES WILL BE RESUMED JAN 10, 2018 "


    Tea Dances will be held on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the months January through March at The Polish American Society. Dance instructions, from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM are followed with open ball room dancing from 1 to 3:30 PM to the music of Bobby Tess and The Pleasures. Admission to the lesson and dance combination is $10. Admission to the dance only is $7.

  **Cash Bar - Bring Your Own Snacks**  Please call Betty Braverman at 727-895-4167 for more information.



       "Souvenir Historic Polish American Society Laminated Place Mats &

                           65th Anniversary Coffee Mugs For Sale"


    Laminated PLACE MATS for $3.00 & COFFEE MUGS for $3.00 are available for sale at The Club. Each Laminated Place Mat is numbered as part of a Limited Edition. These place mats contain many of the Polish paintings that Wilma and Walter Walsek created over the years. See Bernie Yencha to purchase them.


                                                    "HALL RENTALS"


  Our Beautiful Hall is available to rent and use for Personal, Family, Group, Business, etc, functions from Nov through April. Please contact Gene Poplawski at 972-741-3749 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information.


                                                    "OUR WEBSITE"


    Please visit to get up to date Club information. Our beautiful website is maintained by our Website Master, Mark Opyd, who is a Computer Specialist. If you have a computer problem, please contact him at 813-925-8121 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any help.


                                         "BAND SCHEDULE"



   The Club will be open the 1st and 3rd Sundays of Nov and Dec. Beginning January 7, 2018, we will be open every Sunday through the end of April. Following is this year's Band Schedule.


             "Following Is Our Sunday Band Schedule For 2017/2018"


                                   Sunday  Dance  Live  Band  Schedule – Fall – 2017

Nov    5 -  Outside Da Box                     Dec  3 -  Sounds of The South

Nov  19 – Northern Sounds                  Dec 17 – Nu Soundz                   


                           Sunday  Dance  Live  Band  Schedule – Winter/Spring – 2018

Jan    7 –  Jasiu's Polka All Stars            Mar 11 – Jasiu's Polka All Stars

Jan  14 –  Northern Sounds                    Mar 18 – Nu Soundz

Jan  21 -   Sounds of The South              Mar 25 – Northern Sounds

Jan  28 –  FL Honky Polka Band              Apr    1 -  Easter (Closed)  

Feb    4 – Nu Soundz                                Apr   2 –  DYNGUS DAY - Nu Soundz

Feb  11 – Northern Sounds                     Apr   8 – Jasiu's Polka All Stars

Feb  18 – Sounds of The South               Apr 15 - FL Honky Polka Band

Feb  25 – Jasiu's Polka All Stars             Apr 22 – Sounds of The South

 Mar  4 – Outside Da Box                       Apr 29 – Northern Sounds


    Please contact us with any questions or concerns via email or our cell phone, 301-639-9045. Please make us aware of any errors. Thank you!


        Hope to see you all soon at The POLISH CLUB!


         DON & ALICE