Thursday, February 21, 2019
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                          St Petersburg Polish American Society (PAS) - Feb 11, 2019                                                    

 1343 Beach Dr S.E. ---- St Petersburg, FL 33701----727-894-9908
 For Club Information Monday thru Saturday, Please Call Gene Poplawski at 972-741-3749

 Club Website:  -- Club Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"We Warmed Up For The SUPER BOWL At The Polish Club

     & Most Of Us Got Back Home In Time For The Game"


         "Join Us For another Thirsty Thursday On Feb 7"

                     "6 PM To 8:30 PM - Polish Beer & Food Served"

 -------------------------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ --------------

     "Join Us At The Polish Club For Our Valentines Day

   Celebration This Coming Sunday & Treat Your Valentine

  To A Chicken & Dumplings Dinner This Coming Sunday"


     Doors will open at 1:30 PM. Admission is $ 6.00 for members and $ 8.00 for non-members. Kaitlin will serve dinner from 2:15 to 3:30 PM consisting of Chicken & Dumplings, Green Beans, Salad, Dessert & Coffee. Dinner is $ 10.00. Please call Wilma Walsek at 727-360-0584 if you plan to join us for dinner & did not sign up for dinner at The Club this past Sunday.

    The FL Honky Polka Band, under the direction of  Edie Blaire will provide the music.


  "Our 6th Super Bowl Club Pool Was So Successful We Will

            Have To Consider Two Pool Sheets Next Year"

    Your Club officers and Board of Directors want to thank each of you who participated in our 6th Annual 50/50 Super Bowl Pool. We ran out of available blocks for some of you, so we will consider two Pool Sheets next year. The 55th Super Bowl will be played in The Tampa Bay area in 2021.

    The winners of this years Pool were:

           Quarter   Patriots     Rams

              1st             0            0      -  Tom Milner

              2nd            3            0      -  Jim Grinaker

              3rd             3            3      -  Brad Turk

            Final           13            3      -  Brad Turk

    Tom Milner and his wife, Priscilla, have been good friends of the Kohlers for many years. They are neighbors of Don & Alice who live in the same condo. Tom has been participating in our Super Bowl Pool ever since we started it 6 years ago. Congratulations & Thank You, Tom!

    Jim Grinaker, is a newcomer to our Pool, but all it takes is to purchase one lucky block. Jim became a member of The Club this past November. He and his family have a rich and long-standing relationship with our Polish American Society. His grandparents, The Kopecs, were very active members of The Club in the 1980s and 1990s. Congratulations and Thank You, Jim!

    Everyone who has been coming to The Club over the past 20 years knows Brad Turk. He is not only a long time member of our Club, but he has been the leader of the Northern Sounds Band which plays at various locations in Florida. He has been coming to and playing at our Club for all of those years. He is active in the national polka world and recently was named a Director with the International Polka Association (IPA). Brad grew up in western PA and you will often see him over summer Polka weekends in our northern states. Congratulations and Thank You, Brad!


             "Our Polish Club Monthly Meeting On Wednesday, Jan 30"

    Some of you might be aware that our Club has been receiving offers for purchase from different sources over the past several years. It is important to report to you that your Club Officers and Board of Directors voted to reject these offers. While it is nice to know that others are interested in buying our property, we have decided that we will remain right here in the place that our Club Members have cherished over the past 68 years.




   The Nu Soundz under the direction of Stan Simms will provide the music on Sunday, Feb 17.


   "Thirsty Thursday On Jan 31 - 6 PM To 8 PM - Polish Beer & Food Served'



    The Florida Honky Polka Band under the direction of Edie Blaire will provide the music on Sunday, Feb 10 when we will be celebrating Valentines Day. Give your lady a special treat and bring her to The Polish Club.


                            "Thirsty Thursdays Continue At The Polish Club"


       Neighbors from the Old Southeast Community as well as Club Members enjoy Thursday evenings at The Club. Polish food will be served this Thursday, Feb 1 from 6 - 8 PM and the Bar will be tended by Chuck Majewski.

    For more information contact Gene Poplawski at 972-689-8354.


                         "NEXT CLUB TEA DANCE - WED - Feb 13 "


    Tea Dances are held on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the months at The Polish American Society. Dance instructions with Luigi will be conducted from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM followed with open ballroom dancing from 1 to 3:30 PM to the music of Bobby Tess and The Pleasures. Admission to the lesson and dance combination is $10. Admission to the dance only is $7.

    Tea Dance Dates Are:  Feb 1 & 27 and Mar 13 & 27

  **Cash Bar - Bring Your Own Snacks**  Please call Betty Braverman at 727-895-4167 for more information.



    Your 2018 Club membership expires 31 January with a grace period through 15 February. Please renew your membership to maintain benefits for 2019. If you have not been a member, please consider becoming a member. See Edith Manthe, our Club Membership Chairperson, or any of our officers or Board of Directors at The Club on Sundays or mail your check to Edith at:

    St Petersburg Polish American Society

    1343 Beach Dr S.E.

    St Petersburg, FL 33701

    The cost of membership is $ 25.00 per person per year. You can also make your annual Booster payments to Edith or Polka Pat at The Club. Thank You In Advance For Your Contributions.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP AWARD

 Applications for our Annual Club Scholarship Award are now available. See Barbara Poplawski for applications. She can be reached at The Club or call her at 972-741-3749.




   We have a movie company that is looking for Senior Citizens, 60 and older, to volunteer to serve as Standins and Extras. The name of the movie is "Garden Party" and will be filmed in downtown St Petersburg. If you are interested in this opportunity, please call Sara at 727-643-0698. Filming will take place Feb 3 through Feb 22, 2019. You may be asked to serve for several days during this time period.


"Club Nonperishable Donations"

   There is a Box at The Club for nonperishable food that will be donated to St Vincent De Paul as part of our Club's Charitable Giving Program. You are invited to bring nonperishables and place them in The Box.


"Souvenir Historic Polish American Society Laminated Place Mats

& 65th Anniversary Coffee Mugs For Sale"

    Laminated PLACE MATS for $4.00 & COFFEE MUGS for $3.00 are available for sale at The Club. Each Laminated Place Mat is numbered as part of a Limited Edition. These placemats contain many of the Polish paintings that Wilma and Walter Walsek created over the years. See Bernie Yencha to purchase them.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  "HALL RENTALS"

  Our Beautiful Hall is available to rent and use for Personal, Family, Group, Business, etc, functions from Nov through April. Please contact Gene Poplawski at 972-741-3749 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information.



    Please visit to get up to date Club information. Our beautiful website is maintained by our Website Master, Mark Opyd, who is a Computer Specialist. If you have a computer problem, please contact him at 813-925-8121 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any help.



Beginning January 6, 2019, we will be open every Sunday except Easter Sunday through the end of April. We will be open Easter Monday for DYNGUS DAY. Following is the 2019 Band Schedule.


Jan    6 –  Jasiu's Polka All Stars              Mar 10 – Jasiu's Polka All Stars

Jan  13 –  Nu Soundz                                Mar 17 – Nu Soundz

Jan  20 -   Sounds of The South              Mar 24 – Northern Sounds

Jan  27 –  Northern Sounds                    Mar  31 -  Sounds of The South

Feb    3 – Sounds of The South               Apr   7 –   Jasiu's Polka All Stars

Feb  10 – FL Honky Polka Band               Apr  14 –  Northern Sounds

Feb  17 – Nu Soundz                                 Apr  21 -  EASTER (Closed)

Feb  24 – Jasiu's Polka All Stars               Apr 22 –  DYNGUS DAY - Nu Soundz

Mar  3 –  FL Honky Polka Band               Apr 28 – FL Honky Polka Band

    Please contact us with any questions or concerns via email or our cell phone, 301-639-9045. Please make us aware of any errors. Thank you!

     DON & ALICE

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