St Petersburg Polish American Society (PAS) - Jan 22, 2021                           

                                           1343 Beach Dr S.E. ---- St Petersburg, FL 33701
                                For Club Information, Please Call Don Kohler at 301-639-9045

                      Club Website:  -- Club Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


   Our Club's Board Of Directors

  has decided that we will reopen

    The Polish American Society

   on Sunday, November 7, 2021


     We plan to have a Grand Opening on Sunday, Nov 7, 2021!

   "It will be a Wonderful Day when we can all be together again!"


                 We will also celebrate our 71st Club's Anniversary

                               in January 2022 and plan to

                   include Molly B & Squeezbox in our Celebration.


                                       Club Projects, Maintenance, Etc.

    Now that we have decided not to open The Club until November, we have taken further steps to reduce our monthly costs. Ken Cichowski, our Club Treasurer, has removed the telephone, TV, Water and Gas from Seasonal Vacation to turning them all off until Oct 2021. That eliminates having to pay for the monthly Seasonal Vacation costs.

    Even though our Club facility is closed and all utilities except electric are turned off we must visit The Club to make sure no damage occurs at the building. Ken Cichowski checks into the Club on a regular basis to get the mail as well as to check for any damage to the building from the elements and performs regular maintenance activities such as mowing the grass, etc. Chuck Majewski also does work at the Club. We are fortunate to have Monika Smolarczyk living only one block from the Club as well as Roger Telschow and Frances Gatz living only 2 blocks away. Roger helps out with maintenance and regularly bikes and walks past the Club with Frances to check on things.

    Some of our members continue to get together at their homes on a small group basis to socialize and play games, etc. As more and more of us get the vaccines we might be able to get together in the outdoors for a picnic or whatever. Please let us know if you have any ideas for such an activity.

    We plan to publish one of our colorful Pole To Pole issues over the next month or so. Please let us know if there is anything you would like Monika Smolarczyk, our Pole To Pole Editor, to include in this issue. We are looking for pictures that were taken at the Club, particularly our very successful Paczki Day last February. You might also want to send some pictures as to how you have spent the past year enduring the pandemic. You can contact Monika at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Don at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  We Continue To Receive Updates From Our Members And Friends Of The Club!


          "Please Keep The Following Club Members And Their Families In Your

                                               Thoughts And Prayers"


    We just got calls from Betty Braverman and Russ Ingraham to let us know that Bobby Tess, our Tea Dance Band Leader, for The Pleasures, passed away this past weekend. Bobby had the sweetest trumpet sound of anyone that we have ever heard. Those who have his CD's will never tire from hearing his music. He once told me that in his younger days he played with polka bands at the St Pete Club. We will miss Bobby and his trumpet. Please keep Bobby's family in your prayers.

    While speaking of Band Leaders, Ron Urbanczyk from the Buffalo area, an accordionist and a Band Leader since he was 15 years old passed away from Covid in mid-December. We understand this happened after playing a gig in downtown Buffalo. Ron visited our Club last Winter. Our own Club member, Ken Jakubowski, who lived in Buffalo before moving to St Pete Beach, knew Ron quite well.

    We are sad to report that our Club President, Gene Poplawski's daughter, Debbie, passed away in mid-December after suffering from cancer for the past several years. Our prayers are with Gene and his family.

    Mark Opyd, our, Website Master suffered a stroke back in September. After a medical procedure, he has recovered quite well. Please keep Mark and his family in your prayers.

   We need to keep Ed Schweinert and Barbara Healy and their families in our prayers. Barbara is at home after spending several stints in the hospital. Ed is helping her at home.

    Jeanie & Frank Stojak have returned to Florida this past week. Jeanie had several treatments for her blood loss and Frank had heart surgery this past summer. They are both doing much better and hope to stay that way. Please keep both of them in your prayers.

    Ken Cichowski & his son John continue to need our thoughts and prayers as John continues to have effects from his accident. Ken also continues to address concerns relative to his mother.

    We just received an email from Brad Turk that Rita Broccolo (aka Polkapusher Rita) is currently in rehab from a stroke she suffered last Halloween. Rita is well known throughout The Polka World and attended our Club on several occasions over the past few years.


                             "Contacts From Members & Friends Of The Club"


    In our last newsletter of Nov 12, we said we would love to hear from you all as to how 2020 has been going for you and what you are up to. Following are some of the responses we received.

    We continue to stay in contact with Gloria Smolick, our former Club Vice President. She lives with her daughter in Pennsylvania and will not be returning to Florida as she can no longer live by herself. She wants to be remembered to everyone.

    Will Johnson wrote that he and Gerri were planning to spend the summer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa when Gerri had a heart attack on Jun 30 which required surgery on Jul 1. She also had to have surgery on her right carotid artery on Aug 19. They are now home in Ellenton, FL and Gerri is doing very well. That is Great News, however, Gerri and Will continue to need our prayers.

    Brad Turk, Leader of The Northern Sounds and Florida's Representative with The International Polka Association (IPA), contacts us periodically to keep us and The Club abreast as to what is happening in The Polka World. Thank you, Brad.

    We want to thank The St Petersburg German American Society for inviting all of our members to their Saturday and Sunday outdoor Biergarten events.

    Susie Ochal wrote us to let us know that she is doing well and has been taking care of her mom and dad since leaving FL. Her dad passed away at 92 in Jan 2020 and her mom turns 90 this month. She wants to be remembered to everyone and wished everyone a good Holiday Season!

    We received a very nice email from, Polka Ruth. who puts out The Polka Newsletter addressing events in the Upper Midwest as well as other areas of The USA. She covers our events here i FL and likes our newsletter and noticed we have some very good volunteers for The Club. She wished everyone a Happy Holiday Season.

    We heard from Bob Sendra. He and Judy and their family are doing fine. They recently celebrated their 57th anniversary. CONGRATULATIONS! Bob, like all of our other members of Polka Bands miss playing frequently at the various Clubs. He wished all of us to stay healthy and have a Happy Holiday Season!

    Glenn and Marge Gabrielle always enjoy hearing about The Club. They were sorry to hear about Roman Brejer passing away as Glenn always enjoyed hearing Roman talk about his days in Poland and his escape out of Poland to the rest of the world.

    Bob Jakubowski let us know that everything is good at his end, with no health issues and just enjoying life. He provided us with an email address of some friends of his who travel to Florida and might be interested in attending functions at our Club.

    Elaine Mekruit and Frank Franz visited Elaine's sister, Carol Nash, this past November when we had the bad November rainstorm that came from the south. They are doing fine and were interested in renewing their membership for the coming year.


                           ** YOU CAN RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP NOW FOR 2021**


    More and more of our members have renewed their memberships for 2021 even though we are not open. They realize we are incurring expenses on a monthly basis as well as for mandatory things such as Fire Inspections, Health Inspections, Property Insurance, Club Maintenance, etc which all cost money. They want to maintain continuity with our Club and help to maintain our financial stability so we can remain vibrant and open for many years to come. Annual Membership is $25.00 per person per year. If you have not been a member, please consider becoming a member. Contact Tom Rokosz, our Club Membership Chairperson, at 912-401-5758 or email him at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or concerns. You can make out your check to "Polish American Society" and send it to Tom at:

    7131 Whittlebury Trail

    Bradenton, FL 34202

    Tom will send the membership cards to you at your address.

    You can also send a check made out to "Polish American Society" for your annual Booster Club Donations to eitherTom Rokosz or Pat Caldwell, our Booster Club Chairperson. If sending it to Pat send it to:

    11325 Glenmont Dr

    Tampa, FL 33635



                                                        "HALL RENTALS"

  Our Beautiful Hall is available to rent and use for Personal, Family, Group, Business, etc, functions beginning in November 2021. Please contact Gene Poplawski at 972-741-3749 for information.


                                                            "OUR WEBSITE"

    Please visit to get up to date Club information. Our beautiful website is maintained by our Website Master, Mark Opyd, who is a Computer Specialist. If you have a computer problem, please contact him at 813-925-8121 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any help.


                           "It Would Be Great To Hear From You!"


    It would be great to hear from you and letting us know how you spent 2020 and how you are doing. If you are out of town or a snowbird it would be interesting to hear what your plans are relative to returning to Florida for the Winter.


        Please contact us with any questions or concerns via email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or our cell phone, 301-639-9045. Please make us aware of any errors.

       Thank you!

       DON & ALICE